Our company “S-Pointer” Ltd. produces a few models of live sonar mounts and accessories for them. Our sonar mounts consist of a few parts:

Manual S-Pointer live sonar mountFixing to the boat side platform.  A selection of options are available: flat extended, for "Gunnel Track System" or other types of boat sides. Sometimes this part is not necessary because on the hard, flat, and wide boat side, a tilt compensator can be fixed without the additional platform.

Tilt compensator.  This part is necessary for a sonar rotator to make sure the pole of the sonar mount is exactly in a vertical position. It suits manual and motorized-manual “S-Pointer” mounts.

"S-Pointer" rotator with pole.  The "S-Pointer" rotator can be manual or motorized-manual. The motorized rotational mount allows you to control the live sonar beam, while reeling and pulling your lure. With a convenient foot pedal, you can easily steer the beam even while holding a rod with both hands. If the "S-Pointer" mount is regularly fixed on the boat side, the length of the pole, measuring from the boat edge to the lowest point where the transducer is fixed, is about 0,9 meter. But you can additionally order an extension of 0,3 meter, if it is necessary. The diameter of the "S-Pointer" pole is Ø25 millimeters.

Control block.  This part is necessary for the motorized-manual “S-Pointer” mounts. There are two types of control blocks. One is simpler and can control the "S-Pointer" rotator by a wired pedal, has Autoscan and a speed control function. The other one will have a wireless pedal, a couple of remote controls to be fixed on the rods, and speed control. It will also have the Autoscan and Link Lock functions. Motorized rotator use DC12V (0,9-1,3A) power.

Transducer mount.  0° (zero degree) transducer mount (included in the set with the "S-Pointer") can be used to scan water in the "Downward view" and the "Forward view" mode. If you want to use the transducer in the "Perspective view" mode you have to purchase an additional transducer mount that supports this function.



Worldwide Delivery, except the following countries: Belarus, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The sonar pointer can be returned within 30 days of purchase if it fails to meet your expectations for any reason.


24 Month Guarantee

If your "S-Pointer" needs any warranty repairs within 24 months of purchase we will help you fix any problem with it or will even replace your rotator if it will be necessary. We are happy when our customers are happy.







Supported live sonar systems

"Garmin Panoptix Livescope" / "Lowrance Active Target" / "Humminbird Mega Live"






Matching the sonar beam and pointer directions exactly

Make sure the transducer mount has been fitted correctly to the pole so that the forward beam and the pointer are perfectly aligned.



Four-way boat tilt compensation

Maintain an ideal vertical position to ensure accurate and stable sonar reading no matter how the boat tilts. Use the attached bubble level for reference.



Motorized or manual sonar beam control

In "Forward" mode, we recommend using motorized sonar control only, but you can easily switch to manual control if you wish.



Durable and reliable foot switch

The motorized version pedal is wired and the automated version pedal is wireless. Using a foot pedal makes it a lot easier to control your live sonar beam while holding a fishing rod with both hands.



Fix on fishing rod remote control

These remote controls are included with the automated "S-Pointer". Used to control the live sonar beam to the left or right and to toggle the autoscan function.



Automated search (Autoscan) function

This function allows the rotator to automatically spin around the live sonar beam left and right by the amplitude of 160° or 360° when your boat swim link is at 0° (zero-center of scanning). You can stop this function immediately when pressing any button on the pedal or remote control. Both options, motorized and automated sonar pointer models, have this function.



Adjustable rotation speed

Adapt to different fishing conditions. When retrieving the lure, rotate at a slower speed. While scanning for fish, speed up the rotation.



Accidental dismount protection

Even if the main base screw is not tightened, the "S-Pointer" remains secure.



Glow-in-the-dark beam direction pointer

Never lose the view of the sonar beam direction when fishing at night. The rotator has a phosphor arrow, which, for a couple of hours, shows where is your live sonar beam in the dark. You can also use the "Glow stick" inside the arrow to make it visible all night long.



Mount on any side of the boat

Use on either side of the boat without any additional manipulation. The transducer should always point towards the rear of the boat when lifted out of the water.



Stainless Steel Construction

Perfectly suitable for freshwater and marine use.




The sonar pointer construction can withstand any water intrusion, except full submersion.



Suitable for the "Gunnel Track System"

The included patented mount fits any boat with the "Gunnel Track System".



Transducer wire protection

Use the supplied spiral protector to secure the sonar cable to the rotator pole.



Link lock (Target Lock) function

This function will be available only with the automated sonar pointer. It keeps your sonar beam fixed to an exact link even when your boat is turning around (by wind or yourself). It's best to use this function when anchored.




Regardless of the Live Sonar system you are using, there are three ways of searching for fish:


     The Downward view Mode

  It is the easiest mode, but it is not ideal for catching trophy fish. By pointing the sonar beam directly under the boat, you can drop your lure vertically and your lure is always visible on the screen. Once a fish appears in the beam, you can quickly bring your lure closer to provoke a bite. However, trophy fish are extremely sensitive to boat shadows and any sounds, particularly trolling motor noises. So, when you are using Downward Mode, you hardly ever see large specimens in your sonar beam – as soon as your boat gets close, they escape.


     The Forward view Mode

 You can easily build your own manual Live Sonar mount and use it to locate underwater structures with Forward view mode. However, if you want to catch a trophy fish, a manual mount is useless, since you cannot control the beam while reeling. 
To be able to steer a Live Sonar beam while retrieving a lure, you will need a Motorized Rotational Mount with a remote control. You can adjust the speed, depth, and animation while watching the fish chase the lure. 
The "S-Pointer" will greatly increase your chances of catching a trophy fish. It's not an accessory, it’s a necessity.


     The Perspective view Mode

 This mode is designed for shallow waters and is more useful for finding schools of bait fish than for spotting individual predators.
A zero-degree Perspective view Mode Mount, allowing you to experiment with Perspective view Mode comfortably.



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